Terms and Conditions

Terms & Condition

Frolic esports is an esports company which is incorporated under the companies act 2013 india and has its registered address at h.no 53 trimurty colony mahasamund chattisgarh 493445. We request our users to read out this terms of service policy and any other policies before using the website. By using this website you are admitting that you have read all our terms and conditions and other policies and you are aware of its use. Which makes a legal binding agreement between you and the website.This document is an electronic record which is published in the agreement with the provisions of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing of the Rules and Regulations, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for entrée or usage of the www.frolicesports.com[website] which is owned and operated by frolic esports private limited. This document being generated by a Computer, It does not require any physical or digital signatures. The content titles on each sections in this Agreement are only for the purpose of arranging the various provisions under this Agreement in an easy and understandable way. These titles shall not be used by other parties to interpret the provisions contained under them in any manner. Further, the titles have no legal or contractual value. 

 We frolic esports have full right to update and change the terms of service or any other policies without prior informing it to you. So as a user you are bound to check the policies in an intermediate time by time. Not following the services and policy means you must refrain from the use of website. Some terms are brief below 


  • Useruser means the person visiting the website, accessing and using the website. The term you and yours shall also meant user.
  • AccountAccount means the account created by the user on registering with the website portal
  • Contentthe content here stands for any graphical pictures, text and videos uploaded or being present in the website
  • Third Party PoliciesIt is referred to as a ‘third party’ cover since the beneficiary of the policy is someone other than the two parties involved in the contract. The use of services in addition or combined with the company.

The website(www.frolicesports.com) provides an online gaming platform where the user can play their favourite games professionally on website online as well as lan events which are conducted by frolic esports team across major cities of india. We also have gaming store where the gamers(user) can buy their favourite gaming product. We also tend to keep our users updated with all the happenings around esports. 


The service on the website is age restricted, a user aged below than 13 shall not use the website or any of its services. Some services are for aged above 16. The user shall take proper permission from their guardian for using such services. User below the age of 13 shall not create account, transact or use any of the services provided by the frolic esports. If its brought to the attention of the company that the minor is found to be aged below 13 the company has full right to terminate his/her account without any prior notice


To use the service on the website it is mandatory for a user to get themselves register in the portal. The registration requires some personal information and user information , To create an account you need to select username or email and password. The user information must be correct and valid so that it should be easy to communicate for the events and transaction services present on the website. Frolic esports shall collect personal data like your name, Email, mobile number, address and other contact details at the time of registration. Information collected under this is an issue of privacy policy which can be read in the terms of use. User agrees that if the information provided during registration is false, inappropriate  or incomplete or if the company suspects that the information is untrue than the company may have responsibility to copy the third party services of the same and shall not continue to provide the service from the website and automatically delete such user account. The user must take full responsibility of their account created on the portal and must keep it confidential. The user must immediately respond to the company if the accounts get breached, hacked or stolen. The user must exit or logout his/her account after the proper usage. Company do not take any responsibility or will be liable for any damage or loss done by users end.  


The website is secured and protected. All the transaction user make are encrypted and secured so that information are not revealed to any third party. The use of debit card or credit card by the user on the website is eligible taking that website/company doesn’t store or receive any information in any form. The information is directly carried out to the linked payment gateways which are authorised to carry out the information. These gateway are in accordance to the rules and standard with various banks and payment franchisees. 

Copyright trademark and other licensees

All materials used on the website whether its picture, text, logos, videos or framework of the website all are governed and protected under copyright trademark or other intellectual property rights,User must not copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, distribute such substantial in any manner, that include email or via any other electronics. Also the User must not support any other person to do so. 

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

The Company denies all representations and warranties, whether it is express or implied as to condition, appropriateness, standard, merchantabilitylack of infringement and fitnessThe User admithat the use of the Services is at its own solely risk.  The company shall not be held responsible for any loss of damage done or caused to the user while using the company’s service or due to company fails to provide the service, which is in or out of the control. The company makes no such commitment that the site will be available or will be available at all times, secured or be error free. User admit and acknowledge that the site runs on the internet and is likely to crash, go down or have technical issues for which the company shall not be hold responsible. In this term of service none shall be deemed to be a warranty implied or otherwise as to the availability of the website at all times. User also admits and acknowledge that the company shall not be hold responsible for the service and products used by the user from the third parties or damage or harm done to the users computer, data or any other material. The advertisement available on website or email are for the information purpose only. If user sees it fit to visit shall do on his/her on their on risk. The Company specifically denies any obligation for any offensive, asperse, illegal, hostile, unfair, or infringing Third Party Content. The company has full right to change or edit the website on its own without any sign or warning given to the users. All the pictures, videos or text used on the website claim to be copyrighted, licensed or owned by the company frolicesports and shall not be used prior take written permission from the company, Howsoever if a person thinks that they are the copyright owner of any information or images may mail us at info@frolicesports.com for a takedown request. 

Users accountability

User shall acknowledge that frolic esports restrict the use on the Website of language, views or username that is, odious, sexual, racist or indecent in any nature. User shall also not harass, defame, argue, abduct, abuse to the other person and should not violate their rights. User shall not upload create dispute or engage in the activity that violate the website in any manner. Scan or test the vulnerability of the website, not to upload corrupt data or any data which interferes with server or website. User shall not impersonate other user, collect or store data of any other person, shall not involve in advertising to, or in importunity of, other Users of the Website to buy or sell any products or services, related to that being displayed on the Website or related to us. Disciplinary action may be taken in result of violation of the activity which can be punishable by permanent or temporary suspension of a User’s Account from the website. 


By using this website user confront that they have no objection in receiving promotional communication or newsletter. We have right to contact you for Information which are necessary to provide by email, text message or call on the given phone number or email address. User insist that the all the information he/she receive is from the company or its partner. If user opt to choose not receive message or emails they can unsubscribe via mail or mail us at support@frolicesports.com . We value our privacy policy the information will not be shared to the third parties exclusive of our partners. 


Website supports payment from  Visa & Master Card Debit cards, credit cards from the bank and other financial organizations, netbanking, upi and other trusted third parties payment gateway. If payment done by user is not successful, due to card expiry or insufficient funds, the company can suspend the users service until the valid payment is done. Local tax charges may vary from country to country as dependent on the user locality. While making any payments by payment gateways available on the website, the Company will not be hold responsible for any liability, in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the User. The currency shall vary from country to country however the billing policies will remain same as accordance to the company billing polices.


Termination policy is such that according to user agreement it is effective till when the user choose to use the service the termination of the account is either done by you, by terminating you choose not to use the service provided by the website no more. The company can terminate a user’s licenses at any time when we decide to see fit with or without any prior notice or warning which will avoid user to use the service on the website. Such termination will be without any liability to the Company , The termination shall not cancel any products or order you have registered before the termination date

Disputes and Jurisdiction

Any dispute or disagreement arising out of the use of the Website, these Terms of Use, the rights and liabilities of the Userconferred, compensation, refunds, and/or frolic esports, interpretation of these Terms of Use, and all other disputes shall be solved arbitrator by Anti dispute mechanism in here by the company have right to assure a sole arbitrator which is appointed by the Directors of frolic esports. The arbitration proceedings shall be held in Raipur, chattisgarh India and shall be conducted in English language.  The arbitration will be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The Terms of Use will be able to be imposed so that it must be complied with, any arbitration result will be final, and judgment there on may be entered in any court of capable jurisdiction. If the dispute cannot be resolved by this Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanism, it shall be referred to the courts at Bilaspur chattisgarh.

Contact us

If the user has any queries about this terms of use, practice and service of the frolic esports. They can select to mail us at support@frolicesports.com

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