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Upcomming Tournament !!

Tournament Rules !!

1:Eligibility and Registration Criteria

  • Player must be of age 17 or older
  • Player must be of south east Asia region
  • participant must fill out the event registration form present on the event page carefully
  • participant must join our discord channel before entering the game.
  • players must join our discord mobile server for queries. link to the server is


1st-  NA

2nd- NA

3rd-  NA

Note:- prizes are to be credited after the tournament conduction date with the maximum delay time of 2-3 working days.

3:Rules and Regulations in Details

1A:Loadout rules

  • Primary Weapons – Everything is allowed
  • Secondary Weapons – Everything is allowed
  • Operator Skills – Katana is banned
  • Scorestreaks – Everything is allowed
  • Perks:Everything is allowed
  • Lethal Weapons – Everything is allowed
  • Weapon Attachments – Everything is allowed
  • Gun Rarity – Everything is allowed
  • 1B:Maps

  • Standoff
  • Firing Range
  • Summit
  • Meltdown
  • Crash
  • Crossfire
  • 1C. Modes

  • Best of 1 (Bo1): Search & Destroy
  • Best of 5 (Bo5): Hardpoint • Search & Destroy • Domination • Hardpoint • Search & Destroy
  • 1D. Settings

  • Search & Destroy
  • Round Score Limit: 6
  • Round Time Limit: 120 seconds
  • – Hardpoint:
  • Round Score Limit: 150
  • Round Time Limit: 300 seconds
  • – Domination:
  • Round Score Limit: 75
  • Round Time Limit: 300 seconds

  • 3:Match type

  • league/knockout challenge

  • 4:In game rules

    • Players are expected to use their own devices.Only smartphone can be used. Use of emulator or PC, console is not allowed.
    • Android/iOS devices are only allowed.
    • Players have to take prior permission for conducting tournament stream  and if want to stream, the stream should be delayed by 5 minutes minimum.

    5:Rules for Disqualification

    • Official tournament expect players to be fully professional and play with the true sportsmanship.
    • If player or team found Pre-collude or splitting prize money or providing any other type of advantages to the other team will be disqualified permanently
    • Cheating and hacks are strictly forbidden use of any signalling devices,software application or hardware,hand signals use of talcum powder, screen guard is  prohibited.
    • Intentionally using in game bug problems are also prohibited.
    • Vulgar,hateful speech,violence gambling, drugs studio interference, unauthorized communication will also result in team/player disqualification.
    • Admins decision will be final and cannot be changed, apart from disqualification authorities have right to penalize which include verbal/written warning for future or  a ban.

    Code Of Conduct

    9.1:Breach of Etiquette

    For an orderly and pleasant game it is essential that all Players have a sporting and fair attitude. The most important and most common offences are listed below. However, the Tournament administration may assign penalties for not explicitly listed types of unsportsmanlike behaviour (e.g. harassment).


    All insults occurring in connection with the Tournament will be punished. This primarily applies to insults during a match but also on the tournament website or facebook page. Insults on IRC, IM programs, E-mail or other means of communication will be punished if the evidence is clear.

    Particularly severe abuse cases with radical statements or the threat of physical violence can result in significantly heavier penalties including the exclusion or the ban of the Player from the Tournament.

    Depending on the nature and severity of the insult the penalty will be assigned to the Team.


    The excessive posting of senseless, harassing or offensive messages is regarded as spamming in the Tournament. Spamming on the tournament website and facebook page will be punished depending on the nature and severity.

    9.1.3:Spamming In-game

    Penalties will be awarded if the chat function in-game is abused towards the goal of annoying the opponent, or generally stir the flow of the play. The all chat functions are there to communicate efficiently with the opponent and the match admins.

    9.2:Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

    For an orderly and pleasant game it is essential that all Players have a sportive and fair attitude. Breaches of this rule will be punished. However, the Tournament administration may assign penalties for not explicitly listed types of unsportsmanlike behaviour (e.g. harassment).

    9.2.1 Misconduct

    The attempt to mislead admins or other Players, using false information, or in any other way deceive other Players or Teams will be punished. Common offenses are mentioned below.

    1. Faking Match media
    2. When cheating is suspected, and the match media in question has been faked, then six (6) minor penalty points will be awarded.
    3. Ringer/Faker
    4. Playing with Disallowed Player
    5. Misleading admins or players
    9.2.2 Cheating

    When cheating is uncovered, The Team will be disqualified from the current Tournament. The use of the following programs will result in a cheat ban: Multihacks, Wallhack, Aimbot, Coloured Models, NoRecoil, No-Flash and Sound changes. These are only examples, other programs or methods may be considered cheats as well like- using different players account.

    9.2.3 Betting or gambling

    No Players, Team managers, staff or management of attending organizations may be involved in betting or gambling, associate with betters or gamblers, or provide anyone any information that may assist betting or gambling, either directly or indirectly, for any of the Tournament matches or the Tournament in general. Any betting or gambling against your own organizations matches will lead to an immediate disqualification of the organization for all persons involved. Any other violation will be penalized at the sole discretion of the Tournament administration..


    System Requirements
    • OS:

      Android 5.1 / iOS 9.0 or higher

    • Memory:

      2 GB Ram

    • Storage:

      1.8 gb

    Game Details
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